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Welcome to the SCD The Korean School of Theology Library

For general library assistance and enquiries, please contact Head Librarian, Phoebe (Dong Suk) Kim, in person on Tuesdays to Thursdays or by phone on +61 2 9888 1867 or via email phoebek@scd.edu.au - Sydney Campus Library

For enquiries related to specific branches, please contact:

Mi Hwa Chon (Tel: +61 7 3206 4919, email mihwa67@gmail.com) - Brisbane Campus Library

Yoojeong Shin (Tel: +61 3 9889 7553, email yjshin0724@gmail.com) - Melbourne Campus Library

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before searching, be sure to select the correct library using the "All libraries" pull-down (eg SCD Korean School of Theology Sydney Library).

The resources of this library are growing to meet the needs of our students. Please check back regularly.


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